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Q: HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN BUSINESS? A: Over 8 years ago I decided to turn my little specialty and hobby into a business and learned from some of the best handicappers in the industry. I’ve produced over 8 years of positive results for my clients and CONSISTENTLY RANK THE BEST in the world for Profit.

Q: HOW MUCH DOES YOUR SERVICE COST? A: I offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry with a wide variety of packages to choose from! My daily pick is typically as little as $9.95 which is way under competitors prices and to give a little TLC to my customers I always run daily specials and price cuts! If you purchase my HOTTEST DEAL which is my 1 YEAR ALL-STAR package you get the most bang for your buck, not only do you get an amazing price for ALL SPORTS for 1 whole year, you also get all my exclusive releases, free text and premier customer service! And, of course, I offer monthly and season packages as well.

Q: WHAT METHODS OF PAYMENTS DO YOU TAKE? A: My most preferred method is PayPal. They keep things open and honest which is much needed in the crazy world we live in today. I also accept all major credit/debit cards and prepaid cards too. Sorry, no cash, Western Union or MoneyGram.

Q: CAN I TRY OUT YOUR SERVICES BEFORE I DECIDE TO PURCHASE? A: Absolutely. Just sign up for my Free Picks via my email sign up form and receive some freebies so you can test the water before you jump in!

Q: DO YOU OFFER ANY GUARANTEES? — WHAT IS YOUR ALL-STAR GUARANTEE? A: We're all in this together and my goal is keep my customers long-term and keep them happy so I offer a guarantee with every All-Star package. If I do not deliver the promised results I will either offer you a refund in cash or account credit or give you additional days for free.

Q: HOW DO I RECEIVE THE PICKS I PURCHASED? A: When you purchase one of my subscriptions you will receive all my picks by email and at least one hour before the games begin. You will also have 24/7 access to picks via this website. All you have to do is log in to your account and then click "Picks" from the navigation menu and select the picks you want to view under the dropdown box. Remember, banger Plays and Hot Picks are reserved for my paying customers. Be sure you check all the pick categories to make sure you don't miss a thing! Customers who buy my ALL-STAR Members can get picks by text too if you desire. All you need to do is email me your mobile number and service provider name and it will be set up immediately.

Q: HELP! I PAID FOR PICKS AND DID NOT GET AN EMAIL, WHAT DO I DO? A: Before you panic check your spam folder! There have been so many changes with email servers lately and spam rules have really become a nuisance! To avoid any spam issues in the future please add my email address to your address book! If, after checking spam, you still did not receive my picks one hour before the games starts EMAIL ME or log into your online account and view them there! ALL-STAR customers always get priority handling. I will not be held accountable for the mishaps in technology. Unfortunately everyone's email server and ISP is unique. In my experience I have noticed aol, yahoo and msn customers have the most issues while gmail customers who "saved my email in their contacts" have the best luck with getting right through. If you become an ALL-STAR member today you also have the opportunity to get my picks via text. Sign up now and ease your worries.

Q: HOW MANY PICKS DO YOU ISSUE EACH DAY? A: I issue 1-3 "Hot Picks" for each sport each day.

Q: HOW ARE THE PICKS RATED? A: Many services use a "star" system or "unit" system to indicate the strength of the play but I don't. Mine are stated as follows:

  1. All-Star Banger Play of the Year (highest)
  2. All-Star Banger Play
  3. Hot Pick of the Month
  4. Hot Pick of the Week
  5. Hot Pick of the Day
  6. Hot Picks (Daily Picks)

All picks should be played with complete confidence and the titles of the picks just communicate to you how strong it is so you can make whatever personal choices you desire within these ratings.

Q: AM I ALLOWED TO SHARE YOUR PICKS WITH OTHERS? A: Please do NOT share my emails or picks with anyone. I have a pretty big team that works hard for me behind the scenes monitoring and keeping an eye out to make sure my business's integrity is always protected. If myself or someone from my team finds out that you've been sharing my info, we will have to terminate your account and you will not get a refund. We will also take further action if need be. Honesty an Integrity are two main ingredients to a successful business relationship. Thank you.

Q: ARE YOUR PICKS MONITORED? A: Like I said, honesty and integrity are two main ingredients to a successful relationship. You can view all of my Hot Picks 20 minutes after the games start and also view my entire picks history here.

Q: DO YOU HAVE A PHONE NUMBER I CAN CALL FOR QUESTIONS? A: I am a busy woman and do not take phone calls. All necessary and important questions for my industry can be answered via this Q & A page or by simply emailing me your inquires. Everything is pretty straight forward, easy to understand and easy to monitor. Customers who buy my ALL-STAR packages will receive priority customer service, however, if you are a new customer or have questions about your subscription or things that aren't listed on this Q & A page, I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can. I strive for 100% "happy customer" satisfaction.

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