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About Britney

Britney DeLuca is one of the Top Ranked Sports Handicappers in Las Vegas!
...jump on board and let’s make some dough together! You won’t be disappointed with my results!

Hey hey hey! My name is Britney DeLuca! AKA: "Hot Chick"! I'm one of the top ranked sports handicappers in Las Vegas. Now I’m sure most of you are falling into the stereotypical reaction, thinking to yourself, “what does a girl know about sports?” All I’m going to say is let my record speak for itself and give me a try before you start questioning my abilities!

I grew up around football and started learning the game by observing as a young girl. To my surprise, and everyone else around me, I fell in love with the game and became really awesome at predicting the outcomes. I caught onto the strategy of the game fast and found myself able to intuitively connect to the games and situations and arrived at my picks by focusing more on the intuitiveness and psychological perspectives by paying close attention to each players mind-set, personal lives, physical health and other important factors most handicappers or sports fans miss or discount as not being important. TRUST ME, these factors are VERY important and my track record proves this.

Over 7 years ago I decided to turn my little specialty and hobby into a business and started working with some of the best handicappers in the industry. For the past 7 plus years I’ve been kicking A$$! I love ALL sports but September is my absolute favorite time of the year because I LOVE football!

In addition to sports handicapping I spend my time as a model, spokesperson, a writer, painter, singer and truly have fun doing what I love! That’s the most important thing in life, if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life right? So gentlemen, and ladies too, jump on board and let’s make some dough together! You won’t be disappointed with my results! See for yourself!

Love always,

a Britney

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